About Me


After graduating from the architectural course, I started my career as a marketer at an advertising agency. That was because I liked the process of researching, understanding contexts, developing ideas, planning programs to create a new architectural design.

During over 11 years of business experience at the agency, my career shifted from marketer to strategic planner and account planner to serve international clients. Through my job at the agency, I developed research skills, planning skills, and project management skills.

As I had worked on several projects as a freelance web designer, I realized that what I have learned and acquired in my career so far was very useful for creating websites. The ability in my research, marketing, branding and strategy planning is helping to create beautiful and logically designed websites providing a better user experience that contributes to client’s business.

My Work Process

I will step forward the project in a step-by-step manner so that the client can understand and proceed to the next phase from the beginning to the end.

My work process consists of 4 phases:

1st Phase: Enquiry and Contract

  • The project starts with an inquiry from the client
  • Ask questions to better understand the client’s requirements and objective
  • Create macro brief and micro brief to confirm that the client and I have the same understanding of requirements and objective
  • Give a rough quote
  • Make a contract with the client

2nd Phase: UX/UI Design

  • UX meeting to provide User Persona, Sitemap, Page
  • Elements, Wireframes (Lo-Fi)
  • Do UX Design (Hi-Fi)
  • Review and confirm contents
  • Do UI Design
  • Get approval from the client

3rd Phase: Development

  • Build homepage
  • Build subpages
  • Make the website mobile responsive
  • Do Pre-Going Live Check
  • Get approval from the client

4th Phase: Launch

  • Export all data and files and upload to the server
  • Do Post-Going Live Check
  • Do the training session with the client to instruct how to upload images, posts, etc.

Refer to my service page to see what services I will provide in the above process.

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