HokkaiDo Photography

Brand Guideline and Launch Promotion Landing Page With All Necessary Information Ordered And Laid Out On Single Scrolling Page

About The Project

Small Business

HokkaiDo Photography is a startup business offering a pre-wedding photography arrangement and implementation service in Hokkaido, Japan.

I created its logo and brand style guide when the founder began to make a business idea real.

After a while, they were ready to serve customers and had an idea to start the launch promotion. Because their official website was not available yet, they needed a landing page to announce the launch promotion that links from their Instagram and facebook account.

The Solution I Offered

Branding Style Guide
User Persona
Landing Page UX Design
UI Design
– Responsive WordPress Design
– Theme Customisation (CSS, Plugins)


To unify the brand expression on all channels

The brand personality of HokkaiDo Photography is friendly, relaxed, enthusiastic, and passionate. Then the tone of voice/manner of it is welcoming, feminine, compelling and professional

The logo is composed of three simple elements of Hokkaido map, camera icon, and a heart representing love. As HokkaiDo Photography offers destination pre-wedding photography shot in beautiful nature and flower garden in Hokkaido, the branding color scheme is based on green and brown with pink accents.


Focusing on who we are, what we do, and what we want users to do next

The objective of the landing page was driving users to book HokkaiDo Photography or at least make an inquiry.

So I designed the page for customers to easy to understand ‘what HokkaiDo Photography offers.’

Therefore, three critical elements are designed on the first view of the page: 1) Who we are, 2) What we offer – brief info of promotion, 3) CTA for booking followed by more detailed information such as rate plan, packaged items, photographers, shooting locations and so on.


Create a warm and welcoming impression with gentle tone and manner

Based on the Branding Style Guide, I designed the interface to look welcoming, professional, and reliable.

That is because Hokkaido Photography was a small business at the preparatory stage and did not have any proven work.

I believed expressing reliability and welcoming attitude was necessary to encourage customers to make an action.


Design for multiple devices

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