HokkaiDo Photography

Website With Feminine Impression And Dynamic Layout Connects Users To The Brand With Friendly, Professional and Motivated Team. 

About The Project

Small Business

HokkaiDo Photography is a startup business offering a pre-wedding photography arrangement and implementation service in Hokkaido, Japan.

Following the production of the landing page, they needed to produce an official website. The website had to attractively showcase their work as well as to communicate their services, recommended shooting locations, contact methods, etc.

Their main goal for the website was to lead couples who are considering wedding photography in Hokkaido to make an inquiry by knowing who is HokkaiDo Photography, how they serve customers and the quality of their outputs.

The Solution I Offered

User Persona
UX Design
UI Design
– Responsive WordPress Design
– Theme Customisation (CSS, Plugins)


Balance of structuring and dynamism

Based on the persona of customers I created, I designed this website so that users can easily find information that they are interested in: Quality of the work, Service, The attraction of the shooting location are reviewed just by looking at the homepage.

CTA buttons were placed in each section, and more detailed information was displayed on the linked page so that users could find them without stress.

Also, I arranged images rhythmically throughout the website so that users can view the pages without getting tired.


Welcoming, Positive, and Friendly Atmosphere

Using pale colors primarily while following the brand guidelines, I designed the website with a welcoming, positive and friendly atmosphere.

On the other hand, the CTA button is made in a bold style with a distinct color to make it easy for users to find.

Photos are an essential element to deliver the quality of service, so I used it as large as possible. At the same time, to make the website a soft impression, a translucent layer is put on the photos.


Design for multiple devices

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