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Website Design and Development




The first thing to do to create the website is not designing. Before going into the designing I need to understand customers (users). Who are they? Why they need your products/services? What are their requirements? Those are must to know elements to create a good website.

Also knowing about competitors is important because that will affect the client’s strategy. There are many ways of doing research. I will choose the best way to match your budget.



Help you start

Based on the research results, I create a user persona. The user persona is super useful not only for the website design but for the contents creation. This includes the user’s demographics, interests, and requirements.

Based on the user persona and requirements from the client, I get ideas of required content lists and start to gather inspirations of layout and design which your user may prefer.




See different looks

Hierarchize the required contents, prioritize them, and put them into the sitemap and rough wireframes. User persona and results of user survey/interviews are effective to hierarchize and prioritize the contents.



Create user flow & journey

Brush up the wireframes by designing user’s journey on your website to be meaningful and relevant to them. For me, what is important in UX design is whether the design solves the user’s requirements. That is, whether the content is relevant, whether they are well organized so that the user can access easily, and whether the flow to navigate the user is less stressful.



Get a design

User interface design is to make the interface and give look and feel upon the UX design to provide the better user experience. I try to keep the interface design clean, clear and readable.



Build your website

I use WordPress to build the website then add design customization with CSS/HTML and add features and functionalities with plugins. As the website is built with WordPress, the client will be able to change images and texts whenever you want on your own.



Get your website online

Upload all data and folders/files on the client’s server. Before and after the website going alive, I clean up the website, check the settings, and install plugins for security, backup, and SEO as appropriate.



Fast & Friendly

My attitude to work with the client is fast and friendly. I would like my client to feel free to chat and exchange thoughts with me to create a better website.

Also as an after-launch service, I provide a training session to the client to instruct how to login to the admin page, how to add a new post, upload images and so on.

Website Maintenance

Running a business often takes up all your time and you would rather be concentrating on looking after your customers than worrying if the latest security updates are installed and your website is backed-up.

I provide a service package for those who want to reduce their exposure to malicious attacks and have a backup, just in case.

Update and Security Package:
1,200 THB / 4,000 JPY per month

A package includes:

Update WordPress

Update Plugins

Full Backup

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